Are you ready?

We Are Black Sheep Ammunition© — a veteran-owned company manufacturing American-made goods for dedicated sportsmen and those ready to defend. Our mission is to supply every freedom-loving American with enough firepower to get the job done — twice. ✌😘

Defend The Flock

Black Sheep Ammunition is not made for the faint of heart.
We craft ammo for the black sheep —

for the watchful defenders called to hunt, provide and protect;
for the brave patriots who boldly keep watch atop the hill;
and for the f🤘ckin’ weirdos who aren’t afraid to stray from the flock.

When courage calls you to action,
Black Sheep will be there to answer.

Our Core Values

Provide the goods.

We’re dedicated to building reliable, high quality rounds that empower you to have fun, train, and act precisely when you need to most.

Stay Free.

We’re sorry we thought this was America? You have the right to defend yourself so stay strapped stay free and keep one in the pipe!

Support Local.

We may sell ammo nationwide, but we’re a small town, American manufacturing company at heart. We strive to treat every customer like our neighbors, right here in Union, MO.